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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ruined gothic building 28mm

 I am off work this week for the Holidays which means I have been able to dig into the projects that have been sitting on the sidelines.  Today I painted up a ruined gothic building for 28mm skirmish gaming, Necromunda, or even a WW2 Stalingrad board.

The piece is made of resin but was missing key components, including the roof.  I went to work with the clippers and busted it up a bit.  I base coated it in black, brush on brick red, dry brushed black and tan on the brick portion.

The wood splintering is made with wooden sticks and painted tan with black drybrushing.  Total construction time was around an hour.
Front view.

Side view.

 Side view with 28mm figures for scale.

1/72 Egyptian Camel Corp

I have slowly been working on putting a together a Mahdist Revolt game using 1/72 figures.  They are cheap and plentiful, though often the poses are more suited for dioramas rather than wargaming. Soft plastic figures can be a bit more difficult to paint than metal. 

Here is my process:

1) Prime with plastic sealing spray paint such as Rustoleum.
2) Paint.
3) Wash the figure with diluted PVA glue with a drop of black paint.
4) Seal with dull coat.

Below is my first batch of 1/72 Egyptian Camel Corp by Hat with a quick introduction.

Following the British invasion of Egypt in 1882 the Egyptian army was disbanded and reformed along British lines with British officers. Lacking an effective and sizeable army it was the British troops that shouldered much of the fighting, but as time passed the Egyptians became an effective force, defending their country against invasion from the south with little or no British support. By the 1890s they were very strong, and in the campaign that ended with Omdurman they formed the majority of the Anglo-Egyptian army. 

 You can find a full review of these figures at

Close up of Egyptian Camel Corp

I base my figures on card stock and tend to try for diorama like poses.  The game I run will be a TSATF variant where we remove casualties by the base, not the figure so number of men per base is irrelevant.

Camel Corps

This link is provided is you wish to purchase via Amazon.  There are many other fine retailers that also carry this product.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I am currently reading

I peruse the local used book store on a frequent basis looking for good reads to add to my collection.  Recently I picked up Nelson's Trafalgar: The Battle That Changed the World and The Nelson Companion for $2 each! 

It is a fascinating account of the main naval battle of the Napoleonic Wars, where the British fleet commanded by Lord Horatio Nelson engaged the combined fleet of the Spanish and French near Cadiz. The British decisively won the battle, effectively ending Napoleon's naval ambitions and any question of a sea invasion of England. Trafalgar was the last great naval battle between fleets of sailing ships, and led the way to the British domination of the seas during the 19th century.  In what I can only describe as foreshadowing, Nelson prepared for his demise during the battle, which inevitably did occur.

The Nelson Companion is a museum quality book full of many great photos, I would recommend both of these fine books to anyone interested in the Age of Sail or The Napoleonic wars.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

15mm Romans vs Viking

Tonight the club played a game of 15mm Romans against Vikings using Harv's home brewed DBM variant "Pointy Stick". The game utilized a unique mechanic- both of the Generals were sequestered upstairs away from the gaming action.

Throughout the game, various Commanders would report the action from their point of view using a map of the scenario. After receiving orders, they would return and do their best to implement the tactics assigned.

The initial Roman deployment.

The Roman objective was a classic meeting engagement- control the middle of the board and kill the enemy.

Roman cavalry deploys left to attempt a flanking charge.

The lines move forward to clash.

After a successful charge, Roman Auxilia charges the flank of the barbarian axe men.

The reserves are deployed. Here come the heavy cavalry to lend support.

The bloody aftermath at quitting time.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Space Marine Army for sale Warhammer 40k

For sale I have a Space Marine army which I intended to give it to my nephew who expressed in gaming. As tides turn, so did his interest so I am offering the army for sale. I purchased the army painted. The color was particularly bright before I went to work using the dip method. For the vehicles I repainted them Olive Drab and added significant weathering.

Overall, this was the best remedy I could think of aside from a complete strip and repaint, which would take time I would rather invest in painting a period of interest for my growing historical gaming collection.

Retail value on this is probably close to $500. I am asking $150 or best offer shipped with confirmation anywhere in the US. Paypal is the preferred payment method.

The contents:

Whirlwind tank
Terminators with several special characters.
Lots of Marines, a number with heavy/special weapons.

Please see the photos. Thanks for looking.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pro or Con convention Dearborn, MI October 2010

Our club sponsors two conventions each year in Dearborn, Michigan. In the fall we host Pro or Con followed by Battlefields in the Spring. This year was my first Pro or Con and I have to say it was a great success. Several hundred gaming enthusiasts participated in two days of gaming with a robust flea market and vendor area.

This year the convention spanned several rooms providing both the general convention area as well as a dedicated gaming room. Club members rotated staffing the door and assisting convention attendees while squeezing in some gaming time in between.

Double blind WW2 naval action with food available for sale behind.

Flea market area with some smaller gaming tables available as well. I picked up variety of great things at the flea market including several hundred Ral Partha 25mm colonials, Imperial Guard for Warhammer 40K, and some WW1 Brits for skirmishing.

Flames of War game in action.

Battletech game in the games room.

World War 2 skirmish action.

Brad's 54mm AWI skirmish using Songs of Drums and Shakos.

Snakes eyes! Curse the dice gods!

Chuck's 6mm Arab Israeli war game.

Here come the tanks!

Ray's beautiful TSATF Sudan game. Look out behind you, the Mahdists are flanking.

They are coming from all directions!

This picture of the Fuzzy Wuzzies is a bit fuzzy itself.

The French Foreign Legion defends an outpost in this 1/72 scale game.

I was able to play in this excellent 25mm Vietnam game. Firebase Gloria came under attack by Charlie during the night. Communication amongst our squads was limited to 5 second radio excerpts. Our boys fought hard but were overrun before we could order up some proper air support.

The left flank has been breached!

Finally, a quick picture of a Wings of War game.

Thank you for looking!

Friday, December 24, 2010

28mm Taliban vs US Marines Afghanistan

In August I was able to play in a four person game using Flying Lead rules from Ganesha games. We played a scenario from the Hearts and Minds supplement where an IED had been planted in a truck parked in the middle of the market square.

The US Marines needed to locate and remove the device before it could explode and injure the local civilian populace. The rules of engagement required the Marines to engage the enemy only if they had been fired on first.

I really enjoyed this rule set, which has a unique activation method for troops. It allows you to choose the number of dice you will roll (1-3) to attempt an action. 4+ and you succeed. If you fail on more than 1 attempt, the turn passes to the other side. Thus you can play conservative or aggressively and have fun nonetheless.

The Marines were on an unknown timer after which the device might explode. This was handled by the GM who began testing this via dice roll around turn 6.

The Marines did take some casualties but were able to wound and kill enough of the attackers to force a retreat. The munitions expert was successfully escorted to the vehicle and was able to remove the device with only moments before it would detonate.

The initial set up.

The Taliban lay in ambush amongst the civilians, waiting for US forces to arrive.

Fierce battle rages centered on the truck.

15mm Napoleanics

In November the club played a 15mm Napoleanics game using rules which required a blind set up. Unfortunately, I do not recall the specific scenario we were playing but I want to post some pictures of the beautiful armies we used. In future posts I will be more specific in my after action reports. For now, I am trying to get a large back log of photos loaded.

The initial set up is revealed.

Defend the city!

The action is getting thick!

Up the hill men!

Imperial Guard Valhallans

Here are some shots of a squad of Imperial Guard I have been working on recently. I still want to do some finishing touches to really give them character, but am generally happy with them for a game at this point. Above is a lascannon team.

Here is the squad with Captain shown along side a mortar pit I created. Inside the pit is a mortar team.

Mortar team.