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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

15mm Romans vs Viking

Tonight the club played a game of 15mm Romans against Vikings using Harv's home brewed DBM variant "Pointy Stick". The game utilized a unique mechanic- both of the Generals were sequestered upstairs away from the gaming action.

Throughout the game, various Commanders would report the action from their point of view using a map of the scenario. After receiving orders, they would return and do their best to implement the tactics assigned.

The initial Roman deployment.

The Roman objective was a classic meeting engagement- control the middle of the board and kill the enemy.

Roman cavalry deploys left to attempt a flanking charge.

The lines move forward to clash.

After a successful charge, Roman Auxilia charges the flank of the barbarian axe men.

The reserves are deployed. Here come the heavy cavalry to lend support.

The bloody aftermath at quitting time.

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