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Friday, December 31, 2010

1/72 Egyptian Camel Corp

I have slowly been working on putting a together a Mahdist Revolt game using 1/72 figures.  They are cheap and plentiful, though often the poses are more suited for dioramas rather than wargaming. Soft plastic figures can be a bit more difficult to paint than metal. 

Here is my process:

1) Prime with plastic sealing spray paint such as Rustoleum.
2) Paint.
3) Wash the figure with diluted PVA glue with a drop of black paint.
4) Seal with dull coat.

Below is my first batch of 1/72 Egyptian Camel Corp by Hat with a quick introduction.

Following the British invasion of Egypt in 1882 the Egyptian army was disbanded and reformed along British lines with British officers. Lacking an effective and sizeable army it was the British troops that shouldered much of the fighting, but as time passed the Egyptians became an effective force, defending their country against invasion from the south with little or no British support. By the 1890s they were very strong, and in the campaign that ended with Omdurman they formed the majority of the Anglo-Egyptian army. 

 You can find a full review of these figures at

Close up of Egyptian Camel Corp

I base my figures on card stock and tend to try for diorama like poses.  The game I run will be a TSATF variant where we remove casualties by the base, not the figure so number of men per base is irrelevant.

Camel Corps

This link is provided is you wish to purchase via Amazon.  There are many other fine retailers that also carry this product.

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