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Friday, December 24, 2010

28mm Taliban vs US Marines Afghanistan

In August I was able to play in a four person game using Flying Lead rules from Ganesha games. We played a scenario from the Hearts and Minds supplement where an IED had been planted in a truck parked in the middle of the market square.

The US Marines needed to locate and remove the device before it could explode and injure the local civilian populace. The rules of engagement required the Marines to engage the enemy only if they had been fired on first.

I really enjoyed this rule set, which has a unique activation method for troops. It allows you to choose the number of dice you will roll (1-3) to attempt an action. 4+ and you succeed. If you fail on more than 1 attempt, the turn passes to the other side. Thus you can play conservative or aggressively and have fun nonetheless.

The Marines were on an unknown timer after which the device might explode. This was handled by the GM who began testing this via dice roll around turn 6.

The Marines did take some casualties but were able to wound and kill enough of the attackers to force a retreat. The munitions expert was successfully escorted to the vehicle and was able to remove the device with only moments before it would detonate.

The initial set up.

The Taliban lay in ambush amongst the civilians, waiting for US forces to arrive.

Fierce battle rages centered on the truck.

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