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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ruined gothic building 28mm

 I am off work this week for the Holidays which means I have been able to dig into the projects that have been sitting on the sidelines.  Today I painted up a ruined gothic building for 28mm skirmish gaming, Necromunda, or even a WW2 Stalingrad board.

The piece is made of resin but was missing key components, including the roof.  I went to work with the clippers and busted it up a bit.  I base coated it in black, brush on brick red, dry brushed black and tan on the brick portion.

The wood splintering is made with wooden sticks and painted tan with black drybrushing.  Total construction time was around an hour.
Front view.

Side view.

 Side view with 28mm figures for scale.


  1. Great effort. I need to make some WWII ruined buildings. Just another thing to get around to.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think I may have done the windows upside down but am generally happy with it.

  3. Looks GREAT! Thanks for the information and illustrations.