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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Space Marine Army for sale Warhammer 40k

For sale I have a Space Marine army which I intended to give it to my nephew who expressed in gaming. As tides turn, so did his interest so I am offering the army for sale. I purchased the army painted. The color was particularly bright before I went to work using the dip method. For the vehicles I repainted them Olive Drab and added significant weathering.

Overall, this was the best remedy I could think of aside from a complete strip and repaint, which would take time I would rather invest in painting a period of interest for my growing historical gaming collection.

Retail value on this is probably close to $500. I am asking $150 or best offer shipped with confirmation anywhere in the US. Paypal is the preferred payment method.

The contents:

Whirlwind tank
Terminators with several special characters.
Lots of Marines, a number with heavy/special weapons.

Please see the photos. Thanks for looking.


  1. hello is the army still avaliable?

  2. hi i am very interested please email me at