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Thursday, January 6, 2011

25mm World War 2

Last night the our club played a beautiful 25mm World War Two skirmish game using Mike's Battlegrounds rule set. 

The scenario was as follows: Americans forces have recently pushed through German lines and are occupying
the town.  A certain Fraulein living in the town has become very cozy with a particular officer and knows a little too much about the activities in the area.  German orders are to retake the town and find Fraulein Schninklebaum in the process.  She must not be allowed to reveal any information to the Americans!  If all else fails, she must be silenced.

The initial set up and overview.

Americans forces moving into defensive positions.

 Harv moves his German assault team up the river bank to attack the right flank of the town.

Lee and I move several teams up through the woods to approach the left flank.

 The American armor is merely wreckage from previous engagements.  So far the right flank it eerily quiet though the squad may here commotion in the house.

American forces spring from their fox holes and open fire.  Chuck is caught in a serious firefight and casualties are heavy.  I circle back my assault squad which was preparing to enter the house on the left flank and assault the American rear flank.  The action is fast and furious!

An American Jeep emerges from the woods and opens fire.  Lee is pinned in the corn field.

Harv is moving his team up the main road when machine gun fire from the square erupts inflicting heavy damage.

American forces fire protect the left flank from their defensive positions behind the wall.

Americans poor from the buildings to provide support for their fellow soldiers.

 After eliminating the American squad from the woods, Chuck and I move our teams into a position to assault the square.   Our mission must not fail!  

The action starts in town square.

 The Germans call in support of their own!

German forces engage the remaining American troops but casualties have been much heavier than expected.
 The 10 O'clock hour is upon us and Fraulein Schninklebaum has not been located.  American forces have won the day and held the town!

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